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ReachersTaxisWatford TEST ReachersTaxisWatford
ReachersTaxisWatford My cab not only came late by about half an hour but the driver called me to meet him at the departure. I called the office and complained and was told that I should ahve sepcified that the driver should meet me at the arrivals. This was never specified to me when I booked online and the website clearly mentions as part of thier services that : "Our transfers service will ensure that a taxi will be waiting for you as soon as you enter the arrivals terminal. Your chauffeur will be holding up a name board with your name on it. The driver will also assist you with your luggage on the way to the short stay car park of the airport terminal, as well as at your destination." Which they not only failed to adhere but the controller kept denying that this was the protocol. This is the last i will use this taxi service. The owner of the fleet Mr. Bhatt suggested I apy a few pounds less for my incoveninece but no apology. Ever since Mr Bhatt has taken over Abbots Car thier service has deteoriated too. It would be good to engage in customer satisfaction survey. ReachersTaxisWatford
Hena Jawaid
ReachersTaxisWatford Left at heathrow airport for over an hour after booking in advance. Pathetic service on the phone. Just lied to me when I called up rather than be honest. Classic lines of.. It will be there soon... Driver will call you shortly... He is at the airport... I'll never use again. ReachersTaxisWatford
Mr watton
ReachersTaxisWatford Moved from London two years ago and tried various companies including regular Cabs but A2B by far the most reliable with friendly drivers and clean cars. I normally call from the train on the way back from a night in London and great to receive a txt confirmation and cars always there or arrive within minutes. ReachersTaxisWatford
ReachersTaxisWatford I was expecting a meet and greet with a sign, what I got was a taxi 45 mins late, the driver didn't have change to pay the stanstead parking, which I contributed to otherwise we'd have been stuck. Even after contributing to the drivers parking, he charged me for it at the end of the fare again? He didn't even have any change when I paid so was doubly short changed. Very dissapointed. ReachersTaxisWatford
Alex law
ReachersTaxisWatford This company quoted me for a return journey, sent me a confirmation. Then called within hours of the journey to cancel the trip unless I paid another 30% more than was quoted!! DO NOT BOOK with this unreliable company. To add insult to injury, when I spoke to the manager he was rude with an aggressive tone unwilling to accept responsibility for his apparent error!! SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE. ReachersTaxisWatford
Shelley Northam
ReachersTaxisWatford They state in their website that they monitor arrival times to pick you up as you exit baggage claim. Not true. They had me waiting for more than an hour. The dispatcher was very rude and blamed me for arriving early, for not having a UK number to arrange a curb pickup and gave me false information about the cab being waiting for me while I had the cab driver on the other line telling me he was still on the road. Unbelievable this type of companies can stay in business!! ReachersTaxisWatford
ReachersTaxisWatford Booked a taxi for 5 passengers( 2 adults + 3 children) week in advance to be collected from Stansted airport. when we arrived there was no sign of anyone from the company, after 30min waiting, I called the office, and was told that they don't have my booking, but there was a driver within 20 mins, so I said I'll wait. After ANOTHER 40 minutes, still no taxi, so called them again, only to be told, that driver is about 25 mins away. At that point told to they can shove it, went with another company. Very disappointing, especially that we had booked a visit to a place, that was time bound. ReachersTaxisWatford
ReachersTaxisWatford Was asking for Owner and was told that he wasn't there and he doesn't exist and when telling him my reason for wanting the owner as i had a complaint i was laughed at and he put the phone down on me. Horrible service will not be using again. ReachersTaxisWatford